parts help for newbe

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parts help for newbe

Postby jeff2213 » Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:34 pm

just got a 1976 Hercules w2000 oil injection I got it running good but
need lots of help on parts and repair manual.. frame no 480005006 looking for headlight ass'y /front fender/lower instrument cover/ect
front end was taken apart. but have the part need to replace some I am doing a restore on this motorcycle. what is the original color of this bike? oil to use in injector. also lot of questions on this.
thank for help
jeff dawson

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Re: parts help for newbe

Postby kanonkopdrinker » Sat Feb 06, 2016 12:44 pm

Hello Jeff

First of all, where in the world are you?

The R.O.C. might be able to help with copies of workshop manuals; there were only ever two produced - one for the engine, and one for the gearbox.

In my W2000, I use Shell Rotella DD+40 in the oil tank - although Silkolene 2T is also popular, albeit more expensive.

W2000s with oil-injection tended to have either black fuel tanks, or metallic mid-blue tanks, both with white pin striping.

The side panels were metallic silver on all W2000s, as were the frames.

Best wishes


PS/ I will email you a membership form so you can join the club!

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Re: parts help for newbe

Postby jeff2213 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:09 pm

thank you dave
i am from boston massachusetts usa
if anyone has copy of repair manuals i will pay for a copy (send address to my e-mail and price )
tried to order parts on web but wont send to united states
also trying to find a gas tank repair shop in usa mine needs work
is there a motorcycle cross reference chart for parts .need front fender/hercules tank badges are dented .mostly front end parts

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Re: parts help for newbe

Postby FloridaMike » Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:54 am

Well, lemmesee . . .

The front forks are Ceriani, and parts are available, not easily, but they are available.

I do have a manual for the engine, it came from the RE5 guy in Ohio, now sadly deceased. It can be copied, but there really isn't much in it. The engine is so dead simple it is amazing. Hardest part is identifying some of the obscure parts - there's a counterweight which is totally non-obvious.

The German parts suppliers aren't anxious to ship to the US. Postage is now absurd (in either direction) and Germany doesn't have the credit card market penetration that we do. Many places, especially smaller ones, don't take plastic at all, and expect to be paid on overseas orders with bank drafts which are expensive to buy and take forever to clear. I hate to say this, but the best approach may be to make a big shopping list and take a vacation in Germany . . . (my wife likes Germany, so I'll be doing this for my Hercules and my Munch and for some fiddly older BMW and Steib parts.)

Gas tank repair shops are easy, Google is your friend.

There's a German website for these bikes, and they have a pretty good parts cross reference list, brakes are Grimeca, etc. It is password protected, and the last time I asked if I could look around, I got a VERY hostile e-mail back calling me something like a "verdammt spammer!" which is not the case. Someone on the list here kindly provided me the pass code and I went and downloaded most of the site, because with a warm welcome like that, I'm not inclined to go back. It is in German, fortunately a lot of it is understandable with a little effort even if you don't sprechen Deutsch.

I do know the wheels are Italian and they rust like crazy, almost instantly. You might be interested in looking at the exhaust end of the header pipe (mufflers removed). The outlets are two tiny slots, mostly so the engine could meet stringent German noise regulations. (Unmuffled Wankels are LOUD!!!!) I suppose the slots could be welded entirely shut to make the bike even quieter, but I doubt it would run very well afterward.

The autolube pump appears to be Yamaha, if that is the case, these pumps didn't have the most stellar of reputations, and considering that engine internal parts are getting to be unobtanium here, you might want to pre-mix instead of betting the engine on the autolube pump.

Carburetor is the LEFT carb for an R-60/5, rebuild kit is an off the shelf item from your local friendly BMW dealer and they will look at you funny when you ask for only the left side kit, and tell you that you should really do both (which is correct). They look at you even funnier when you tell them it isn't on a BMW, and you only need the left side, thank you.

I have the schematic if you need it.

Best Regards,

Mike in Florida

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Re: parts help for newbe

Postby jeff2213 » Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:13 am

thanks for the help
i am new to rotary motorcycles, my brother has a two re5s . He gave me the bug. working through all the parts problem
thank for you support

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